Li Xing

Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, University of Saskatchewan.

My research interests are Analysis of Big Omics Data, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Bayesian Methods, Longitudinal Data Problem, and Biostatistics.

Obtained PhD from Stat, UBC (2014) under the supervision of Paul Guastfson and two MSc from Math, UBC (2005) under the supervision of Kee Yue Lam and Stat, SFU (2007) under the supervision of Charmaine Dean .

Worked as research associate at Institution of Aging and Lifelong Health, UVic (2017-2019); as Post-Doc in NSERC and Math and Stat, UVic (2017-2018); PhD statistician at FDA (2016-2017); as Post-Doc and later Adjunct Faculty at biostatistics, IUPUI (2014-2016); as Statistician in the Aging Center of Johns Hopkins University (2012-2013) and in HLI (previous called ICapture Center), UBC (2006-2010).